Central 301 Canvas

Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) used in Central 301. It connects digital tools and resources for teachers and students and is available in grades K-12. Canvas Courses are established for each subject or class. Courses can contain informational pages, discussions, assignments and quizzes.

Looking for Canvas help?
Please visit our "Navigating Canvas" page with videos and tutorials for parents who are new to Canvas.

The buttons below are for WEBSITE access to your Canvas account.

*Must have a central301.net account to login here.

*Must have a central301.net account to login here.

New to Canvas? Use the links below to create your Parent Observer Account.


First time users must have the Student Pairing Code for their child's account. Directions for accessing this code can be found by clicking the button to the right.


After acquiring your child's pairing code, click the button to the right for directions on creating your account for the first time.