Student Pairing Code

When creating a Parent (observer) account or adding an additional student to your Parent (observer) account, you will need the pairing code for your student(s) to initiate the connection of your account to your student(s).

The pairing code can be found in the student’s account settings and is good for 7 days, or until first used.

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Find the Pairing Code to Pair a Student with Parent (Observer) Account

Pairing Code Fall 2020.pdf

Add an Additional Student
to a Parent (Observer)

Additional Child Pairing Code.pdf

After an observer enters a valid pairing code, the observer will be linked to the student. The observer can then view course content for the student.

A pairing code does NOT need to be entered every time you sign into your account.

Parents: After acquiring your child's pairing code, click the button for directions on how to create your account.

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