Parent Account Options


Parents have two options for how they would like to view their child's Canvas account. They can view activity through the Parent APP on their mobile device, or on a computer through the WEBSITE access login page. A comparison of the options is below to help you choose which is best for you. Account setup directions for either the app or website are at the bottom.

Parent APP

Access from a mobile device

(phone or tablet)


Access from a computer or browser on a mobile device.

Canvas APP Access

Canvas WEBSITE Access

This app is installed on a mobile device from the app store.

Parents (Observers) can view:

  • Courses

  • Syllabus

  • Events & Assignments (items with due dates)

    • by week

    • by course

  • Calendar (by week)

  • Front Page (NEW) - this will bring you to the course home page. From there, any links will bring you to a mobile web version of the course where you can access more of the course items.

For more information on what you can see in the app, link to the Canvas Guide HERE.

How do I use the Canvas App on my iOS Device?

How do I use the Canvas Parent App on my Android Device?

Website view mimics the experience that your child sees in their account when accessing it on their Chromebook. Each course is visible on the Dashboard.

Parents (Observers) can view:

  • Courses

  • Calendar

  • Assignments

  • Modules (units

  • Information Pages (including links and resources)

  • Other Navigation Links if allowed by the course teacher

*Many teachers (especially elementary) include information and resources on Pages in Canvas. These are easily accessible through WEBSITE access. The APP will display the Front Page (course home page) and then link to other items in a mobile web version.

Parent APP View

Parent WEBSITE View

App View - Course Listing

App View - Inside Course

Ready to create your account? Click the buttons below for directions to either APP or WEBSITE access.